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What are the benefits of a Managed Print Service to your business?

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In the proclaimed world of the paperless office, the average office worker manages to print 10,000 pages every year according to printer manufacturer OKI.

Along with the impact this can have on company expenses, you also have to consider the environmental consequences of uncurbed printing too. What’s more, the chances of printing equipment going wrong or breaking down increases, which can have an adverse effect on staff productivity.

Thankfully, there is a solution to these issues Managed Print Services. In short, a managed print service is a service offered by an external provider to optimise or manage a company’s printing fleet.

Here’s 5 key benefits a Managed Print Service can bring to your business.

1. Reduce and control printing costs

Perhaps the main reason why your organisation should consider MPS is to reduce and control printing costs. Most providers will be able to offer MPS as an all-inclusive ‘cost-per-page’ package, which covers all consumables like ink and toner, emergency call-outs, time and labour cost, the expense of an engineer, as well as any spare parts needed to get up and running again.

MPS can also help keep in-house print budgeting simple too, as you will be given a consistent cost per page over the year, monthly or quarterly statements to highlight print volumes, and provide complete transparency.

2. Flexibility and scalability

Just like cloud-based storage and server solutions, MPS can adapt to the changing wants and needs of any business. In effect, the provider’s printer fleet can be ‘future-proofed’ to remain flexible.

The transparency of print budgeting also comes into play when planning future requirements, as equipment and machines can be changed with minimal cost and disruption.

3. Peace of mind

A worry free solution enables you to forget about your printers and focus on your core business. Further peace of mind is achieved with enhanced IT security protocols on all printers provided under an MPS scheme. This helps to minimise security risks to your data through the ‘back door’. A recent (and costly) high profile data breach occurred as a result of hackers interrogating data via the air conditioning software!

4. Increase productivity

While printing technology has increased the efficiency of office productivity it can also be a workplace’s downfall. For example, an old and unproductive printer is prone to breaking down at a moment’s notice, which will no doubt stand in the way of getting work done. Research suggests that such print related issues cost European businesses a staggering EUR 17,000 a year each!

Problems also arise by neglecting proper preventative maintenance, which not only leads to interrupted workflows but also leads to a reduction in the usable lifecycle of printers too.

At a most basic level with MPS employees will face less distraction from printers that are broken or out of toner ink. Traditional IT departments tend to respond to printer malfunctions. But having a preventative proactive maintenance strategy, combined with an automatic supply restocking solution ensures that your print fleet is operating consistently.

5. Improve sustainability

It takes 60 per cent of a tree to make a case of paper, each office worker consumes approximately 1.2 trees per year if OKI’s aforementioned statistic is to be believed. This doesn’t even factor in the greenhouses gases emitted by paper manufacturers, the electricity your printer requires, or the oil needed for cartridge ink.

Printer fleet optimisation can significantly reduce the amount of paper and electricity you use, and the amount of toners reaching landfill. Furthermore, utilising a multi-functional printer will eliminate surplus printing devices. Although you can’t go completely green with MPS, it will noticeably improve your organisation’s sustainability.

A summary of MPS

It might seem like an unnecessary expense for your business, but MPS can help overcome everyday obstacles and reap several far-reaching rewards at the same time too. Managing the expenses relating to print equipment and consumables becomes a lot easier, while the need to spend out on an engineer to fix faults is eliminated.

You can also boost productivity among the workforce, as members of staff will always be able to print whatever they need. If you happen to grow because of this increased efficiency, MPS can expand with your requirements too.

There is no need to worry about lengthy downtime or the environmental impact of printing either, as both of these are kept to a minimum with MPS. Therefore, it is probably time you considered MPS for your business’s printing needs.

If you’re still unsure whether MPS will be beneficial for your business, you can request a free spend audit and find out once and for all.


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