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To Brexit or Not To Brexit

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If to Brexit or not to Brexit is the question, OfficeXpress has the answer

The sentiment after last weeks’ vote in parliament is already sending shockwaves around Europe. How will Brexit affect the markets and your company? How will the regulatory and risk environment change for organisations doing business in or with the UK? Will deliveries be delayed if we leave the EU with no deal?

Amongst so much uncertainty, there are two things we know for sure within the office supplies industry:

  • The majority of suppliers (HP, Xerox, Lexmark etc.) all distribute from mainland Europe
  • If we leave the EU without a deal (Hard Brexit) then all non-perishable items will be at the back of the queue whenever products enter the UK. Food and medicine will take priority.

How will OfficeXpress work around this uncertainty

  1. OfficeXpress is the B2B Division of UFP – Europe’s largest specialist supplier of printer inks and toners
  2. We source directly from all major OEM’s – HP, Canon, Epson, Xerox, Lexmark etc.
  3. We have greater control of the supply chain given our direct distribution agreements
  4. Current stock holding is approximately £25 Million which is due to increase in the run up to the leave date, 29th March 2019
  5. Majority of our stock is ring-fenced

Having identified the potential risks and implications, we have taken steps to mitigate these risks and have taken proactive contingency measures that will allow our business to function with minimal disruption to our supply and service.

Hamlet was contemplating life and death when he asked the question “To be or not to be”. Customers receiving their office supplies in a timely manner may not be life or death for most yet it is what OfficeXpress pride ourselves on and will continue to do so long after the Brexit storm has come to an end.

Although there are no certainties and no accurate predictions of what will happen in the coming months, we feel we have taken the necessary steps to mitigate risk and ensure our customers will get what they want, when they need it … quickly, efficiently and reliably.

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