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Thank you for helping us raise over £11,000 for Leeds Children’s Hospital

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OfficeXpress would like to give a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all our customers for using our recycling program as we have had a truly exceptional year of collections. Your contributions have allowed us to make significant donations to our chosen charities, with Leeds Children’s Hospital receiving an incredible £11,421.82 this year alone.

Our Sales Director and Marketing Manager got the opportunity to witness first-hand the difference our collective fundraising makes to the Children’s Outpatient Department at the Leeds General Infirmary with their visit in August.

Printer cartridges are made up of a complex combination of materials. Throwing them into landfill adds unnecessary pollutants and toxins into the environment.

Through our recycling program; not only do we divert this waste, we use this opportunity to give back to the community by helping charities such as Bullying UK, Jeans for Genes & Leeds Cares.

Best of all, we do this for FREE so it doesn’t cost you a single penny. You can find out more and arrange a free collection by clicking here

Please see the fantastic letter we received from Leeds Children’s Hospital.

Dear OfficeXpress,

On behalf of Leeds Children’s Hospital, we would like to firstly thank you for your wonderful donation of £11,421.82, raised by recycling ink and toner cartridges from businesses across the UK. The donation will make a huge difference in allowing us to create a calming environment for our patients. We would also like to thank you for calling in to witness first-hand what a difference your fundraising has made in the Children’s Outpatient area.

Through your donations, the Leeds Cares Charity is able to fund many projects throughout the Leeds Children’s Hospital. For us, this has meant that instead of magnolia walls we have colourful distraction walls; instead of undecorated furniture, we have bright colour furniture in the rooms and in the waiting area. You have helped us provide adjustable height examination couches which give children with physical disabilities independence allowing them to get on and off the couches unaided or with minimal help.

Your donation provides money for toys to keep the children entertained whilst waiting and to assist with distraction when uncomfortable or unpleasant procedures are carried out. The money also provides us to give token gifts to children undergoing painful procedures.

We are extremely proud of our department and our members of staff. And we are happy for you to share the pictures and information with your colleagues and fundraisers.

It is with the generous support of people like you, that we are able to help make a difference to so many of our young patient’s lives, making their stay in hospital better, brighter and happier.

Thank you again, for your very kind support – it is greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Sandra Garbutt
Children’s Outpatient Department
Leeds General Infirmary (LGI)


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