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Four Top Tips for Furnishing an Office

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Buying office furniture can be quite a task, especially if you’re a new business or a business that is relocating to a non-serviced office. Ensuring that the look of the office is in line with your branding, is affordable and also comfortable can be a struggle to balance, however it is possible.


If you want your office furniture to match your brand identity then it’s important to consider appropriate colours and styles from the outset. There’s nothing worse than spending a fortune on equipment when it doesn’t fit with the look and feel of the office, once it’s been decorated.

Comfort is Key

The majority of office employees sit on a chair for most of their working day. So it’s advisable to find a type of office chair that has full support for the back and neck as well as the arms and legs. The chairs will need to be adjustable to fit the form of each employee and subsequent employees if they move on thereafter.

When reviewing options don’t sacrifice comfort for price, check the range that you like and other alternatives if too expensive.

Consider providing breakout areas for you staff so that they can recharge and re-energise at lunch and during other breaks that they may have. This could include things like sofas, dining tables and chairs. Ensuring that they have this breakout space will improve productivity, especially if staff typically eat lunch at their desk.

Avoid Clutter

Clutter can become an eyesore in some offices; papers stacked high, boxes stored in the corridors and in the corners of the office. Make sure that you consider storage as a prerequisite and that you preempt the amount of space that you’ll need to store things. This can include the storage of stationery, janitorial equipment, catering supplies and the filing of papers and documents.

Provide ample space for this type of storage and consider having extra space designed specifically to add to this when needed.

Light and Space

Working in a cramped and dark environment probably isn’t the most productive or motivational area.

By ensuring that your employees have enough natural sunlight, will not only open up the office, but will motivate staff and boost productivity.

Try and create an office with the feeling of space, even if it’s particularly small. This can be done in a number of ways, from the positioning of furniture and the colours of paint used to the type of furniture used (e.g multifunctional).

These four tips will help aid your employees and your office as a whole and will guide to in creating a productive and motivated environment.

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