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Keeping your Filing in Order

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Do you always misplace important documents – unable to find them when you need them most?

We all know filing isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but it is essential for keeping an organised workflow, both on an individual level and at an organisational level.

This job can be neglected for many reasons from not having the correct equipment – binders and files, right through to just not having the time. Therefore, because of this most of us just seem to neglect it and these documents can just pile up, taking longer to sort out in the long run.

Deciding on binders and files may seem like a simple job, however with the range of styles and functionality it can be a complex process when finding the most appropriate storage type for the job in hand.

So, to help you find the right binder or file we’ve listed the most common filing products below, explaining their features alongside.

Archive Filing
This type of filing is for documents that are not used on a daily basis and need to go into storage. Typically in cardboard boxes, this type of filing can hold large volumes of paperwork and can be stacked to save space.

Box Files
Perfect for storing loose documents, such as invoices or magazines, box files comprise of a rigid case with a cover that lifts, displaying documents inside that may or may not be held down by an internal spring.

Expanding Files
Expanding files have multiple pockets or compartments and is based upon a concertinaed design. They are usually indexed in a similar fashion to filing cabinets (A-Z).

Lever Arch Files
These types of files have a distinct binder mechanism which is operated by a lever, hence the name: lever arch file. The rings inside the file are D shaped, allowing for more paper to be placed inside. The action of the lever allows the rings to be opened without losing their contents and often have a lock which holds down the paper in place.

Manilla Wallets, Folders and Files
Generally designed for loose documents the selection of manilla wallets, folders and files can roughly hold 150 papers and come in multiple colours. Each type is different in design with the wallets having a flap that folds over to store the documents inside.

The folders meanwhile are simply folded pieces of card, protecting documents when stored inside.

Finally the manilla files are similar to the wallets, however they also have a binder mechanism to ensure that documents are secure.

Plastic Folders and Wallets
Perfect for keeping documents organised and lightweight for ease of travelling. Plastic folders can come in varying styles, some with built in pockets for documents and others with a simple binding mechanism.

The wallets can also vary in style, from a simple envelope format with a button popper, right through to elasticated corners that hold down the folded flap.

Plastic or Punched Pockets
Plastic pockets or wallets are used for keeping documents clean and organised. These pockets can either be plain or punched allowing them be added to ring binders, lever arch file or any other filing product that has a binding mechanism.

Presentation Folders
Ideal for presenting work these folder have a clean front allowing for the contents to be viewed.

Ring Binders
These binder are smaller than lever arch files and consist of either two or three rings, perfect for projects or smaller files.

Suspension Files
These are used in filing cabinet drawers, to provide multiple compartments, usually indexed A-Z. They hang inside the drawers hooking onto little ledges inside the drawer compartment.

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