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The Dangers of Discarding I.T Items

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When clearing your office of old I.T equipment, the way in which you do this is of high importance when protecting your company’s sensitive data.

According to the Information Commissioner’s Office many hard drives are not being adequately wiped of information before being disposed of or sold on to the second-hand market.

To glean this data they assigned a research team who collected approximately 20 memory sticks, 10 mobile phones and 200 hard drives from computer trade fairs and internet auction sites. Once gathered they then examined the items using tools readily available on the internet.

Shockingly they found 34,000 files containing individual or corporate details, including employee records, bank statements and client information.

Most people assume that if you delete an item then its gone forever. To the everyday office worker, this may be the case, however for those in the know, this data can be extracted and used. In the case of those items collected 48 per cent of the hard drives had not been fully wiped, with 11 per cent containing sensitive documentation such as personal details.

It’s therefore essential that you get the data wiped off any equipment you’re getting rid of.

With OfficeXpress we offer a free recycling service of I.T equipment that includes PCs, telephone systems, TFT monitors, laptops, laser printers and mobile phones. Unfortunately we can not recycle CRT monitors or UPS batteries free of charge due to the nature of materials used within these.

With the free recycling we also provide the option for data wiping, however there may be a small charge for this service.

To request recycling simply click here and fill out the form provided.

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