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How to Find the Perfect Monitor

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Your computer monitor – if you work in an office it’s something that you look at for at least 7 hours a day, so it needs to be fit for use.

Unlike laptops, desktop PCs require an external standalone screen. These will, most likely come in a package with a desktop, but if you’re updating monitors or are buying these separately to the PCs then knowing what you need to purchase is essential.

So, what size should you buy?

Similar to TVs, monitors vary in size. However due to the proximity of where you sit when using one (between 20-30 inches away), the monitor should be approximately 17-27 inches, when measured diagonally from corner to corner. Of course you may also need to take into consideration the physical work space, in regards to how much space the monitor will take up on your desk.

Ultimately you need to decide on a screen that is large enough to display everything you need, if for example you use it for video or photo editing you may need a larger screen than those who just use word documents. So in this instance it would be advisable to look for a monitor that is approximately 22-24inches, whilst for those who use it for simple word software should consider a 19 inch regular LCD or 21 inch widescreen LCD monitor.

Do I really need a HD monitor?

HD has been around for a several year now, and as a result prices have fallen slightly. If you are updating the monitors and your PCs support HD then it may be worth spending a little more to get a better result.

The increase of pixels will produce a better image, not only in regards to photographs, but even for word documents. However, if you are struggling with budget consider purchasing HD monitors for those who work in the area of design – enabling them to fine tune imagery and content.

Is touch screen a thing?

Now HD has been around for a while, the next trend appears to be touch screen, although mainly used for smartphone and tablets this feature is beginning to emerge in the world of the PC.
Unless this feature is a really important for your work then at the moment, we suggest saving some money.

So, however you use your computer consider the above factors when looking to replace existing monitors, or when looking to buy the whole desktop PC. Don’t forget that OfficeXpress stock a wide range of hardware, from printers right through to laptops and computer monitors, so to find out what’s available to you, simply call us on 0845 890 1995.

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