Helping Fill the ICT Skills Gap in Schools

In a survey carried out by the Prince’s Trust, whereby they interviewed 1,378 British 15 to 25 year olds, they found that more than one in ten young people do not think their computer skills are good enough to use in the job they want. This includes 265 people who are not in education, employment… Read more »

Why you Should Recycle I.T Products

Laser printers, laptops, servers, PC’s, telephone systems and TFT monitors are rapidly becoming an expanding part of UK waste. Due to low prices business are able to replace equipment more often, and purchase new gadgets more frequently than ever due to the advancements in technological development. This subsequently results in increasing levels of computer waste…. Read more »

Why Toner Cartridge Recycling is so Important

What happens to all of the empty or old toner cartridges, ink cartridges, drums, maintenance kits and fuser units? At OfficeXpress we can help you to help the environment by taking advantage of our free recycling service. It’s shocking to think that it will take over 1000 years for one toner cartridge to decompose, that’s… Read more »

Make Savings with a Free Spend Audit

As office costs mount and budgets become increasingly tight, looking for ways to reduce costs and save money are key. Improving the way your organisation purchases the goods and services it needs to function may be a big opportunity to do just that.