Reduce Spend with Our Free Audit

Are you looking at new ways to reduce cost and save money? Evaluating how your company purchases both goods and services may be an opportunity to discover new ways of saving. Our spend audit, which is completely free of charge, will provide you with a complete analysis of how your print spend is currently structured…. Read more »

Free Mobile Phone Recycling

At OfficeXpress we understand how important it is to prevent unnecessary items from going into landfill. That’s why we specialise in printer cartridge and I.T recycling. In addition we can now announce our brand new mobile phone recycling service. This works similarly to our print cartridge recycling scheme, whereby you can either call 0845 835… Read more »

Save Money with OfficeXpress

Procuring office supplies can take time that you may not have, but when having to keep budgets low, you don’t want to rush the process. With OfficeXpress you can consolidate all your orders and buy what you need, when you need it. From pens, paper, ink and toner right through to tea, coffee, chairs and… Read more »

The Dangers of Discarding I.T Items

When clearing your office of old I.T equipment, the way in which you do this is of high importance when protecting your company’s sensitive data. According to the Information Commissioner’s Office many hard drives are not being adequately wiped of information before being disposed of or sold on to the second-hand market. To glean this… Read more »

The Easy Way to Recycle I.T Equipment

Important note: We no longer offer the facility to recycle old I.T equipment. Recycling computer hardware can be difficult sometimes, but at OfficeXpress we can make things much easier. Our recycling service is simple to use and completely free of charge. Arranging recycling boxes or a collection can be done at the click of a… Read more »