Don’t get fooled by counterfeit ink cartridges

Why choose original HP Ink Cartridges More than 40% of non-HP ink cartridges failed, according to a study by Buyers Laboratory (BLI), with 14% being dead on arrival and 27% expiring prematurely. With Original HP inks, you always get an unused, brand-new cartridge to live up to your expectations.     Scan the code to… Read more »

10 Tips to Reduce Printing Costs and Paper Use in Schools

In the current economic climate, all schools are trying to find ways of economising without compromising educational standards. Naturally, material resources are the first place to look for money saving options. Ray Fleming, Education Marketing Manager for Microsoft, says schools often spend more on printing than they do on IT. Up to one million sheets of… Read more »

5 Quick Fixes for the Most Common Printing Problems

Our friends at Xerox recently published this very helpful article on the “5 quick fixes for the most common printing problems”. We felt that it was a fantastic go-to when your printer decides not to play ball. So with their permission we have decided to republish it on our Content Hub. Why not have a… Read more »

How to Choose the Right Office Printer [Infographic)

Office printers. All businesses use them. And yet, few businesses really know how to buy a printer for their particular requirements. Think that all printers print documents at the same quality? Think that all printers do the same job? Think again. Printers are in fact as complex to buy as computers, and that isn’t helped… Read more »

Not securing your printers can be deadly – How to protect IT networks from attack

With a web-enabled or multifunction printer, your workforce can perform a multitude of tasks, such as wireless printing and digital document creation, to boost efficiency and improve productivity. However, the convenience and capabilities of a connected printer comes at a cost.