How to Avoid Counterfeit Printer Consumables

Counterfeit printer consumables are becoming an increasingly common occurrence throughout the UK and it is a challenge that is growing worldwide. Yet, these mustn’t be confused with quality off-brand compatible inkjet and toner cartridges. Many counterfeit goods are produced with convincing packaging yet lack in quality. These counterfeits are sold to unaware customers often at… Read more »

Thirteen Interesting Stationery Facts

Stationery isn’t the most exciting of topic, to most a pen is just a pen. However, when we look into the history of how our everyday products were invented, you’d be amazed how these overlooked stationery items came to fruition. 1. Scissors were originally created by the Egyptians in approximately 1500BC. 2. In the 1900’s… Read more »

Make Savings by Consolidating your Office Purchasing

Paper, toner, coffee and pens… Why spend more time than you need researching suppliers, or going from one to the other looking for quotes when you can get everything you need, at the best price from just one supplier? The average cost of raising and processing a purchase order is £50 and this excludes the… Read more »

Make Savings with a Free Spend Audit

As office costs mount and budgets become increasingly tight, looking for ways to reduce costs and save money are key. Improving the way your organisation purchases the goods and services it needs to function may be a big opportunity to do just that.