Does your Routine Add Up?

You get in, you log on to your computer, quickly check your emails and then go and make a coffee. Sound familiar? According to an article by Western Daily Press the average worker will have more than 34,000 hot drinks during their career. So, if on average it takes five minutes to make a hot… Read more »

Stationery Facts: Who Knew…?!?

Our stationery facts series is coming to a close, so this week we’re rounding up a few everyday desk items, from paper clips and staples to scissors and envelopes. 1. In 1968, Doug Engelbart publicly demonstrated his first computer mouse. This consisted of two wheels in a wooden case. 2. The modern paper clip is… Read more »

7 ways to make a small office feel bigger

With more and more people setting up and growing their own businesses, the demand for small offices has risen. Although a wide expanse of space may be lacking, the amount of unutilised space could be wasted without its potential being realised. To help you make the most of your office, we’ve set out seven ways… Read more »

Eight Wonderful Pencil Facts

Pencils; tools used to create amazing drawings, aid in architectural design and used for the everyday scribble. To continue our stationery facts series, this week we’ll be looking at the pencil and sharing with you some of our favourite pencil facts. 1. On average a pencil can be sharpened 17 times, draw a line 35… Read more »

Football Promotions at OfficeXpress

With a summer of football ahead of us all, here at OfficeXpress we’re already celebrating in style. We’ve all chosen our teams and the office is decorated with hundreds of flags. Over the next five weeks or so we’ll be offering some fantastic deals, across all of our product range, from ink, toner and catering… Read more »