5 Unforgettable Customer Service Examples from Household Brands (and what you can learn from them)

While good businesses chase leads and secure sales, great businesses give precedence to customer service. After all, it is what a lot of customers will remember you for and can reflect both positively and negatively on the business. On top of that, a word-of-mouth review, be it good or bad, can heavily influence a persons… Read more »

OfficeXpress Toner Recycling Initiative Raises £10,200 for Leeds Children’s Hospital

Money raised will be used to refurbish areas of Leeds Children’s Hospital. OfficeXpress is pleased to announce that they have raised a donation of £10,200 for Leeds Children’s Hospital, through a unique toner recycling initiative. Leeds Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive medical care for children across Yorkshire and beyond. They make a difference to thousands of… Read more »

How Secure is your Printer?

Does your printer sit in an office, unassuming as a potential security risk? Most offices protect their data, whether it’s by shredding, the use of screen protectors or by training staff members. However the printer that’s happily sat in the corner of the office printing, scanning and copying sensitive data is overlooked. With smart cards… Read more »

Seven Tips for Productive Meetings

How many meetings have you been in that you end up talking round in circles, with no real outcome? Having a productive meeting doesn’t have to be hard work. By sticking to a few key points, your meeting can run smoothly and to the planned agenda. Start on time One of the biggest time wasters… Read more »

Increase Productivity with Coffee

Does your office love coffee? Or does it prefer tea? Well whatever the preference, according to a Harris poll, 79 percent of respondents claimed that access to coffee or tea made them more productive and the same percentage felt more valued by employers when provided with the hot beverage in their working environment. In recent… Read more »