Pro Slates vs. Tablets: a fight to the death or a fad?

In the battle for device supremacy, the humble tablet has recently seen some serious competition: pro slates. The tablet has firmly secured its place in our homes and businesses, with Apple’s iPad still a favourite for many. That being said, is it now time for the reigning champion to face a new challenger, or will… Read more »

A Day Without… What Does Losing Tech Cost Your Business?

We all know how important office technology is to the day-to-day running of a business. Research has shown, however, that it isn’t simply a necessity for convenience: not having office tech will actively lose you money. Mobile giants Vodafone say that for small to medium-sized businesses, a day without a smartphone can lose you up… Read more »

Why Business Data Backup is More Important Than Ever

In today’s increasingly globalised and technologically advanced world, every business needs robust systems and procedures in place to protect their data in the event of anything going wrong. With a 2014 study by EMC asserting that data loss (including downtime) costs US $1.7 trillion a year to businesses worldwide, gone are the days when your… Read more »

How to Reclaim up to 150 Hours of Work Productivity Every Month

Did you know that employees waste 759 hours each year due to workplace distractions? This is according to a survey of 2,000 people conducted by the personal financial management service Think Money. Its research also revealed that one in ten people admit to achieving just half an hour of productive output per day. In many… Read more »

10 Tips to Reduce Printing Costs and Paper Use in Schools

In the current economic climate, all schools are trying to find ways of economising without compromising educational standards. Naturally, material resources are the first place to look for money saving options. Ray Fleming, Education Marketing Manager for Microsoft, says schools often spend more on printing than they do on IT. Up to one million sheets of… Read more »