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Supporting the way you work

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Technology has some wonderful benefits and we use it every day to enhance our lives and improve our experiences, whether keeping us connected, informed or entertained.

In an ever changing world, our lives and working practices have been forced into becoming more adaptable, more agile and more mobile. This, more so than ever due to the global pandemic and it’s impact on all our lives.

The way we work is becoming increasingly more flexible with growing numbers of people working remotely either from home or on the move. While most still work from offices, we are now being introduced to agile working practices that better suit our work/life requirements.

No matter how you work, OfficeXpress is here to provide solutions to support your requirements.¬† We provide a complete range of Information Technology, Print and Office Solutions for the Corporate sector, everything from PC’s & laptops to charging trolleys and software. For extra peace of mind, we also offer insurance cover for your PCs, laptops, tablets and even smartwatches.

Our products & services
Products & Services

If you would like more information about our brands, products and services for the Corporate Sector, get in touch with the OfficeXpress sales team on 0845 890 1995.  Alternatively, visit our contact us page and request a call-back from us.


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