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What’s Lurking in your Office?

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Monday to Friday, nine till five. Millions of people all over the globe work in an office, and because they interact with other people at the office, germs spread and bacteria grows.

According to research carried out by Master Cleaners, office desks are 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat and have 10,000 bacteria on average in the area where you rest your hands. What’s more, if you eat at your desk, the food that drops into your keyboard, is in the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply and survive, making it 70% dirtier than a toilet seat.

It is especially discerning when cold and flu viruses can survive up to 18 hours on hard surfaces and bacteria can increase up to 31% each day if the area isn’t disinfected regularly.

Therefore, cleaning the area that you work in is vital in keeping bacteria low and you healthy. This can either be via a company cleaner or you can ensure your area is kept as clean as possible by using products such as air dusters, surface sanitising wipes and all purpose cleaners.

When looking at communal items that you’ll regularly come in contact with, nearly one quarter of water coolers and 75% of taps are considered a serious risk for illness transmission. It is therefore essential that these items are regularly cleaned to prevent spreading disease.

It is also essential that you clean your phone often as there are 25,000 bacteria per square inch and it is even more advisable that you don’t use the phone of a colleague because of this.

To prevent illness in the office ensure that your company uses trained and reputable cleaners, that you wash and sanitise your hands regularly, that you stay at home if you are unwell and that you try to avoid eating lunch at your desk.

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