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Stationery Facts Continued…

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At OfficeXpress we love stationery and because we do, we want to share some more interesting facts about office stationery with you:

1. During World War II paper clips became a symbol of patriotism in Norway. Due to their Norwegian inventor, people would wear them on their lapels as a sign of resistance to Nazi occupation.

2. During the 1700s the first stapler machine was created for King Louis XV of France, with handcrafted staples that were inscribed with the royal court’s insignia.

3. In 1500 graphite was found in Borrowdale, and subsequently used for pencils. If you love pencils you can even visit a pencil museum in Keswick, the home of the very first pencil.

4. The stapler as we know it was originally called ‘Hotchkiss’ after the company that created them. In Japan the common stapler is still known as ‘Hochikisu’ after its original name.

5. In 1903 Mick Clay invented the drawing pin or thumbtack. Sadly he spent most of his days in poverty after selling his invention to someone else.

6. In the 1850s Birmingham became the global capital of pen nib manufacturing, with half of all the pens being produced there.

7. Richard Drew invented masking tape and clear adhesive tape in 1923 and 1930 respectively. Whilst the first tape dispenser with a built-in cutting edge was invented in 1932 by John Borden.

8. In 1951 a typist Bette Nesmith Graham invented correction fluid straight from her kitchen. The fluid, which she called ‘Mistake Out’ was made by mixing up tempera paint in a kitchen blender.

9. Before the ruler was invented the first common unit of length was the cubit. Used by the Egyptians and Babylonians the cubit was defined as the length of a man’s arm from the elbow to the end of the middle finger. However, this length would change depending on location, time and the man.

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