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How you Can Reduce Office Costs

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Are you constantly looking for ways to reduce costs? Or are you shocked at the result of a recent review of your office supplies?

At OfficeXpress we offer a free, no obligation spend audit which will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how your office supplies spend is structured. By illustrating what you order and how often you do so, we’ll be able to show you where you can make massive savings.

During the audit we’ll analyse your current purchasing activities, identify your core products, suggest hardware changes that will yield savings and advise on how you can buy more effectively. When analysing your procurement there may be some factors contributing to it’s potential inefficiency, from the lack of visibility into consumable spend, to a complicated ordering process.

A free spend audit from OfficeXpress will help to show you where you can make big savings, whilst streamlining your procurement process.

Whatever the issue, we’ll help you to discover what subtle changes you will need to make to gain substantial savings.

Simply fill in the form below to start your free spend audit and watch your spend reduce.

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