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7 ways to make a small office feel bigger

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With more and more people setting up and growing their own businesses, the demand for small offices has risen. Although a wide expanse of space may be lacking, the amount of unutilised space could be wasted without its potential being realised.

To help you make the most of your office, we’ve set out seven ways for you to make it feel bigger.

Keep clear of clutter

Piles of paper, post and general clutter mounting up around your desk, on top of cupboards and pretty much anywhere with a surface. If you look up from your screen now, is that what you see?

In an office that’s already lacking space, clutter can be its downfall, making it feel even smaller than it actually is. It’s essential that this is kept at bay, that filing is stored, that post is either stored away or shredded and that all other items are put away after use or thrown away if not needed.

Living in a digital age

With cloud based computing allowing you to store documents securely there is a reduced need for large filing systems taking up office space.
Some documents still need to exist in hard form, especially those containing sensitive data, so filing cabinets and storage solutions are still essential in your office – however you may not need as many as you think. Storing certain documents online will free up space, however, backing these documents on USB sticks, hard drives or in the case of servers and large file stores, tape media is advised to prevent loss if anything did fail.

Open up with room with colour

We all know that colour can affect us, with blue having calming effects and yellow being renown for energy and happiness.

When choosing colours for your office, it’s important not only to pick based upon on how it could affect your workforce, but how it makes the actual room feel. Dark colours can make small spaces feel even smaller, so try to use light colours such as white or ice blue as these colours make the room feel fresher and lighter.

When looking at flooring this should be the opposite, the darker the floor the better as it makes the floor appear to extend further than it does.

Don’t forget the walls

Now that your walls have been painted in light colours, consider using some of this space for storage. A couple of shelves here and there can help free up space on your desk or reduce the amount of bulkier floor based furniture.

Mirrors make all the difference

If you have any wall space left, consider using mirrors to help the office feel bigger as they reflect the light as well as making the room feel deeper than it actually is.

Tables taking up too much space?

Desks are renown for being bulky and taking up space. So, when looking at desks or work areas for your staff consider streamlining them or creating hot desking areas.

This will not only create extra space, but will ensure that if you do have staff members out of the office, that this desk space is utilised.

Going wireless

Wires can seem to take over the whole office and are a health and safety risk in themselves. By going as wireless as possible it reduces this eyesore and frees up space for other items. A wireless mouse for example allows employees to work without having to be mindful of other items on their desk.

However you use your office space, consider the items used and its general feel. Making office space appear larger doesn’t have to cost the earth, so why not take a look at some of the great products we have available via our online shop.

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