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Reviewing your Office Environment

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The decor and furnishing of your office will typically be the first thing that many clients and employees will see and this will cast that first crucial impression. The manner in which your office is styled needs to reflect the profession and image of your company. For example, a creative’s office could be vibrant and quirky, whilst a solicitors could look more streamlined and neutral in colour palette.

Of course when choosing office furniture, you need to keep comfort and ergonomics in the forefront of your mind, not to mention branding. Incorporating your brand name or logo into the decor will bring cohesion and synergy between office culture and decor. The impact that it will have on both employees and prospect clients will be significant.

When designing both the layout of the office and the general design, consider the following:

1. Avoid Clutter

There’s nothing worse than a messy and cluttered office; cluttered office to some equals cluttered mind. To boost productivity ensure that your office has plenty of storage space, to include items such as filing cabinets, in-trays, desk tidies, drawers and enough cupboards to store all your stationery items.

Having regular office declutter days ensures that employees go over office files, documentation and stationery to discard any unnecessary items that are cluttering up the office. Ensure, however that employees discard of any sensitive data in an appropriate manner (see The Importance of Protecting your Data), keeping both you and your clients safe.

2. Be Flexible

Offices must be flexible and be able to grow with the company. Using furniture that doesn’t have to be fixed would be most advantageous allowing for movement around the office itself. Using movable shelves and cabinets instead of fixed partitions and fixtures so that they can be easily dismantled and used elsewhere.

With office trends such as hot desking and flexible working increasing in popularity, it’s advantageous to consider movable furniture for any future purchases. This will ensure that you’re prepared for the ever evolving workplace.

3. Colour is Key

When choosing a colour or colours to decorate the office, it may not be as easy as you think. Some believe that different colours have different meanings and that each colour affects people in different ways. You may or may not take this into consideration when planning to painting the office, however, when choosing consider looking at a few contrasting colours instead of a single hue.

4. Bringing a Little Outside In

Offices can be a bit dull and lifeless. If you can’t afford to deck out the office in full splendor, why not add a few plants here and there. Greenery is not only visually soothing, but it has been proven to increase and enhance productivity levels. Not only that but it has been know to purify the circulating air of toxins.

But, however drastically you decide to change, renovate or decorate your office, try to remember the points outlined above.

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