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Why you Should Recycle I.T Products

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Laser printers, laptops, servers, PC’s, telephone systems and TFT monitors are rapidly becoming an expanding part of UK waste. Due to low prices business are able to replace equipment more often, and purchase new gadgets more frequently than ever due to the advancements in technological development. This subsequently results in increasing levels of computer waste.

According to Environment Agency statistics the quantity of waste electrical and electronic equipment collected for the UK business to business sector amounted to 14,600 tonnes in 2009. The largest proportion of this was I.T and telecommunications equipment equating to 5,900 tonnes. So what’s been done about it?

In 2007 new legislation came into force which covers waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). It stipulates that users must store, collect, treat, recycle and dispose of WEEE separately from other waste. It is also required that they obtain and keep proof that their equipment is given to a waste management company and that it is treated and disposed of in a environmentally friendly manner. At OfficeXpress we can do all the hard work for you, all you need to do is arrange a free collection, here.

Why recycle?

Recycling doesn’t have to be an arduous and drawn out process, it can be quick, simple and free. There are however, other reasons why it is necessary to recycle:

Environmental benefits

When looking into environmental issues, the average PC contains approximately 100 poisonous chemicals, including lead, arsenic and cadmium. These chemicals can be especially detrimental to the environment when they seep into the water supply after being dumped into landfills. Helping to reduce the harmful impact that these chemicals could have, means that you can rest easy knowing that your company is helping the environment.

Legal compliance

Using a company like OfficeXpress to take care of your unwanted electronic equipment is easy, especially as it’s a simple step to comply with legislation that has been put into place.

Helping charities

Businesses can even feel that they’re doing two good deeds in one, where every time they recycle some of their electronic equipment, they are also donating to charity when using a company like OfficeXpress.

Data protection

Ensuring that your data is protected is key to most businesses worldwide, yet is often forgotten about when companies dispose of old electronic equipment. By recycling with a trusted company like OfficeXpress, we ensure that all data from your old equipment is permanently destroyed. We also supply you with Data Destruction certificates free of charge which can contribute towards your ISO 27001 accreditation.

Free Recycling Services

For more information about our free I.T equipment recycling service or to simply arrange a collection, click the link below:

Don’t forget recycling toner cartridges is just as important, to find out why click here. Or to take advantage of our free toner recycling service click here.

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