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Increase Productivity with Coffee

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Does your office love coffee? Or does it prefer tea?

Well whatever the preference, according to a Harris poll, 79 percent of respondents claimed that access to coffee or tea made them more productive and the same percentage felt more valued by employers when provided with the hot beverage in their working environment.

In recent years, hot drinks have become an expected perk in most workplaces, which is not surprising when employees feel more productive, happy and creative. Although free tea and coffee is an added benefit of a job, it goes a little further than just that. This gesture, although small is important as it enhances well being and instills a reward culture within an office environment.

Providing hot beverages for your staff opens up a creative hot bed for ideas; many brilliant ideas have been suggested whilst brainstorming over a cup of coffee. In some workplaces they go a step further. Google for example not only provide free coffee but have an in-house coffee shop allowing time for social interaction.

As most people are pretty much desk bound at work, even emailing people in the same building, social interaction gets lost and forgotten about. By having facilities or the space for your employees to get together over a tea or coffee means that ideas can be exchanged in person and better outcomes achieved because of this.

So, when you’re next purchasing ink, toner or office supplies, why not pick up some tea and coffee for your workforce?

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