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Creating a Productive Hot Desk Area

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Do you have a sales force that’s regularly out of the office? Or are there members of staff that work from home or only work part time?

If you do then you may already have a hot desking area. However, you may also have a space with desks that aren’t being utilised in the best way. In this post we aim to help you create a productive and efficient working space, by providing you with a list of hot desking tips and tricks.

  1. If your hot desk area is primarily for your aforementioned sales team then consider including a bookshelf or something similar to provide the latest copy of your marketing material.
  2. Equip the hot desk area with additional supplies that your staff will need, such as stationery, so that do they not spend extra time unnecessarily looking around the office for them.
  3. Ensure that this area has access to a printer, copier and scanner. Don’t forget to provide access details for users to connect their devices to the office machines and wi-fi.
  4. Make sure that you provide plenty of power points and network cables so that all of your employees can plug in their laptops quickly and easily, or recharge their tablets and other mobile devices.
  5. Think about both the frequency of use and the occupancy of the area. Choose tables that can be maneuvered into different areas or moved to create different shapes to fit with the number of staff members you have in that day. It may also be advantageous to have rectangular shaped desks so that they can be linked together or pushed up against the wall.
  6. When choosing the seating of your hot desking area, consider the durability and flexibility of each chair. Due to each having multiple users the chairs will need to be versatile to suit the needs of every individual.
  7. Ensure that you know the whereabouts of each staff member in regards to who will be frequenting the office and who is either on the road or working from home. This will allow you to prevent overcrowding of your hot desking area and help to make sure that you have enough working space for all of your staff.

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