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We don’t just stock office supplies and stationery; we also supply a wide range of office furniture for a number of different purposes, from increasing employee productivity to sprucing up your space.

The role of office furniture has changed more than you might think. Desks and chairs must now be as comfortable as they are functional, storage solutions must be as attractive as they are spacey and everything as a whole should align with your company branding and ethos.

At OfficeXpress we provide our customers with the complete office procurement solution. Our customers only need one office supplier because we offer products like office furniture alongside printer supplies, so you needn’t spend hours searching the internet to source products for your office.

Our Office Furniture products include: -
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Request a free callback... and see how we can help you

OfficeXpress is one of the largest office product suppliers in Europe. We can manage the whole procurement process for you. Request a callback to see how we can help your business.

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With such a wide range of printer supplies, office supplies, stationery and office furniture available for next day delivery, you only need one office supplier.

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