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Pro Slates vs. Tablets: a fight to the death or a fad?

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In the battle for device supremacy, the humble tablet has recently seen some serious competition: pro slates. The tablet has firmly secured its place in our homes and businesses, with Apple’s iPad still a favourite for many. That being said, is it now time for the reigning champion to face a new challenger, or will the title stay in the traditional tablet’s corner for a few more years yet?

Tablets – Unsurprisingly Apple still dominates, retaining a 25% share of the market in Q1 of 2016. Samsung is seeing a steady decline in its share over the last 2 years, perhaps setting the scene for other manufacturers to swoop in.


Now with more affordable versions on the market, tablets are only rising in popularity. Due to their lower price tag, the tablet is preferable for businesses looking to hand devices over to employees on the road. For average day-to-day use, you’re unlikely to need anything more. For 2016, PC Advisor likes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8, the iPad Mini 4, the Sony Xperia Z3 and the Google Nexus. (In fact, they’ve rated most tablets higher than their pro counterparts…)


Without the specs of the pro slates, the tablets can sometimes seem a little clunky. They aren’t as sleek or as shiny, and if you’re looking for a device to out-and-out replace your computer, you’ll have to bite the bullet and get the pro.

Pro Slates – Apple & Microsoft collectively sold more than a million pro slates in Q1 of 2016. Peter King of Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies says that “Microsoft deserves credit for popularizing the Pro Slate category, typified by a premium tablet with PC-grade processing power, with an optional keyboard to further add to revenues and profit.”


HP Pro Slate, iPad Pro, Surface Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note Pro… their higher processing power, vast screens and the option of snapping on a keyboard makes these devices the most like laptops to date. Their displays are also, generally speaking, very good – offering the high definition that you’d expect from a quality PC. Each manufacturer offers its own take, but the general consensus is that if you’re looking for a mobile device that can withstand heavier-duty processing, you have to go pro.


The price is one, with the best iPad Pros costing upward of £800. For some, the size is another: certain pro slates feature 12-inch displays that are certainly less mobile than their predecessors. Although the specs are generally good, for the more casual user it won’t really make any difference to the running of your apps, like LinkedIn… or Candy Crush.

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