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Office Trends: 2014

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Every year interior design changes and this doesn’t just stop at the home, office design also changes year on year. So with the evolving nature of the workplace and the space that’s used, we’ve put together what we believe will be some of the key office trends this year.

Shared working spaces

From April 2014 all employees in the UK will be given the right to request flexible working, enabling people to work at times best suited to their daily lives, but accumulating the same hours as they would have otherwise done.

With both full time and part time employment increasing, as well as the flexible working hours, making use of all your office space is key. Therefore desk space will undoubtedly become shared. One way some companies have already implemented this, is instead of employees having fixed desks, they simply have a movable set of drawers. Of course these aren’t going to be heavy, they will be simplistic and easy to move, allowing people to take advantage of the space provided.

Investment in meeting spaces

Meeting spaces will become even more important and won’t just consist of the conventional meeting rooms as we know them. Central meeting spaces or meeting pods will begin appearing in open plan offices, breaking up the office horizon. Along with meeting spaces, creative spaces will also appear, using colour and texture giving people a fresh and invigorating place to plan and brainstorm.

Increase use of multifunctional furniture

The use of multifunctional office furniture will steadily increase this year. With the rise in office rent, space may need to be reduced and the lack of space means that it’s far more economical to buy office furniture that has more than one use.

Even if the office you work in is large, multifunctional furniture will begin to creep in, saving both space and money.

Each office is individual and will change in accordance to it’s structure and situation; if you don’t see any of these trends in your office this year I’m sure you’ll begin to see some of these ideas being put into place over the years to come.

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