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Does your Routine Add Up?

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You get in, you log on to your computer, quickly check your emails and then go and make a coffee. Sound familiar?

According to an article by Western Daily Press the average worker will have more than 34,000 hot drinks during their career. So, if on average it takes five minutes to make a hot drink, you’d spend approximately 118 days of your working life doing this.

The findings, taken from a survey of 550 office workers throughout the UK, unearthed some staggering results. It found that on average a person would read more than a million emails, spend three months waiting by a printer and visit the toilet at least 33,000 times.

It also found not surprisingly, that we are creatures of habit, where many office workers have a set routine. This includes the time drinks are made and how many are consumed throughout the working day, what time lunch is eaten and how long is spent chatting to colleagues.

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