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How to Purchase Office Supplies

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Does your job role involve purchasing office supplies? If it does, then you know more than anyone that you need to be forward thinking and exceed the cost saving goals of the company.

Larger long term savings can often be gained by researching the suppliers on the market and when looking for a new supplier you need to ensure that you have enough time to hear from each. You must be able to communicate clearly what the goals of the business are and what you want to achieve, regardless of the price, promotion or product selection the supplier has. By listening to each and taking time to do so, you’ll ensure that you’ll be getting the best deal possible, rather than agreeing from the off and potentially paying more than you should.

Office supplies companies can usually offer you more than just the usual office consumables, they can provide janitorial equipment, catering supplies and furniture. Not only do they provide products that you may not have realised, but they also provide services. These can include things such as print cartridge and I.T equipment recycling, managed print solutions and business print services.

If you have fragmented purchasing within your business or organisation, it could help to consolidate your purchasing; reducing time spent on admin and reducing cost. Alternatively suppliers like OfficeXpress can optimise order pads per buyer or location, so different departments or branches can order what they need off a set list of products. Letting you keep tabs of what’s being purchased, whilst allowing your workforce to get the items that they require, simply and easily.

Consolidating all your office consumable needs to one supplier not only frees up time but it also saves you money. Typically the more of your purchasing that you can consolidate to a single source supplier, the better the overall discounts that could be offered; rewarding loyalty.

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