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Are you Sitting Comfortably?

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With the average office worker sitting for over 7 hours, keeping them comfortable is imperative for productivity.

There’s nothing worse than a fidgety, distracted workforce. So to combat this ensure that your office is ergonomic and that your staff understand the way in which they need to set up their equipment, so that they feel comfortable during the working day.

This blog post aims to explain how workers can make the most of their seating arrangement to effectively combat the aches and pains of sitting for a long period of time.

To start, look at the objects that are currently sat on your desk. Are the most used items to hand? Can you comfortably reach the telephone without having to stretch? To prevent excessive stretching, keep key objects to hand and items that you use less frequently can be kept at more of a distance.

As a key item, the mouse should also be within easy reach, along with your keyboard. The wrists should be in a natural and comfortable position, whereby they aren’t bent up, down or to either side. If needed use a wrist rest to minimise the stress on this joint. You should ensure that you’re not resting your wrist on this when typing, however it is perfect for breaks in typing where you should rest the palm of your hands.

Keeping with items on the desk, your monitor should be placed directly in front of you, about an arm’s length away, with the top of the screen positioned slightly below eye level. Lighting should be placed by the side of the monitor to prevent glare. So if you sit with your back to a window, it may be beneficial to shut the blinds during excessively sunny times of the year.

If working on a sales floor, or if your job entails a lot of telephone use, it would be ideal to use a headset rather than the telephone. Most people are prone to cradling the device between the head and neck therefore causing muscular issues. Finding a comfortable headset will prevent any strain or stress to the neck area and will free up your hands to type.

In regards to your desk you should make sure that there’s enough space and clearance for your legs, knees and thighs. The size of the desk should be at least 76 cm across, 48 cm deep and up to 86 cm high.

Your chair needs to be set specifically for you, the height will need to be adjusted so that your feet rest of the floor comfortably with your knees and hips in alignment.

However, if your chair is too high for you, consider using a footrest enabling you to rest for your feet comfortably. For more information about finding the perfect chair, read our blog post: Finding the Best Office Chair.

Finally, when sitting posture is everything. Make sure that you centre your body in front of the monitor and keyboard, ensure that you sit up straight and keep your thighs horizontal with your knees.

So, the next time you feel a twinge in your back or neck just remember the tips above.


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