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The Importance of Protecting your Data

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Keeping important information safe is crucial for both your own safety and the safety of your business. With the rising threat of identity fraud, the importance of looking after your documentation is critical, whether that be filing it correctly or shredding it.

A few months ago Action Fraud conducted research in regards to identity fraud. It found that in 2013 there were a staggering 4 million victims in the UK alone, yet people are still complacent about how they handle their details.

In regards to data security, a new attitude must be adopted, this especially so for establishments and organisations. By implementing new procedures and reviewing existing ones businesses can lead by example and show employees how important it is to dispose of sensitive data securely.

If for example, businesses implement a shredding policy for important and sensitive data, employees may follow by example and shred or dispose of their sensitive data properly. Currently, according to Action Fraud, 25% of people aren’t shredding bills, bank statements and credit cards, leading to the possible chance of identity fraud.

To make sure that staff are fully aware of identity fraud create a clear set of guidelines on the storage, handling, disposal and sharing of sensitive data. This will need to comprise of both online and offline data; including the disposal, for example using a cross cut shredder, or storage of physical documents and the disposal (wiping) and security of online data.

Remember, any data stored on computers that you may be getting rid of needs to to be destroyed, and it’s simpler than you may think. Recycling old I.T equipment is simple when using a trusted company like OfficeXpress. We ensure that all your data is permanently destroyed and we also provide you with Data Destruction certificates free of charge, which can contribute towards your ISO 27001 accreditation.

Keeping data safe is critical for businesses and individuals alike and this needs to be filtered down to your employees. By showing them what you do as a company to reduce fraud, will potentially benefit them, if they pick up your methods. So for more information about our I.T recycling services simply click here or to view our range of shredders click here.

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