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Helping Fill the ICT Skills Gap in Schools

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In a survey carried out by the Prince’s Trust, whereby they interviewed 1,378 British 15 to 25 year olds, they found that more than one in ten young people do not think their computer skills are good enough to use in the job they want. This includes 265 people who are not in education, employment or training.

The lack of computer skills could be damaging to the career chances of young people, as the need for computer skills have also transitioned into non technical job roles. Kirk McDonald, President of Manhattan ad tech company PubMatic, argues that even recent graduates aren’t equipped with the computer science skills necessary in todays world. He goes onto say that: ‘students need to be fluent in computer coding, even if their dream jobs are in fields seemingly unrelated to programming.’

With an emphasis on coding and improving the ICT skills of young people as a whole, the facilities to improve this knowledge shortage need to be equipped with technology that allows them to do so. This includes computers and potentially tablet devices.

Most schools will have some sort of computer facility, however the computers they hold may be becoming too old to support new software needed to teach coding and other ICT skills. These devices need to be kept updated with software and if too old, need to be replaced.

In some cases schools may have a limited number of computers and therefore students have to share access to learning software, which may not be ideal. So at OfficeXpress, we’re here to help. We provide exclusive prices for educational establishment meaning that you’ll be able to get more for your money on items such as iPads, laptop and computers.

What’s more we offer a free printer cartridge recycling scheme as well as free I.T equipment recycling, taking away your unwanted technology and empty toner. For information regarding this free service, click here.


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