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A Day Without… What Does Losing Tech Cost Your Business?

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We all know how important office technology is to the day-to-day running of a business. Research has shown, however, that it isn’t simply a necessity for convenience: not having office tech will actively lose you money.

Mobile giants Vodafone say that for small to medium-sized businesses, a day without a smartphone can lose you up to £12,000. Their YouGov survey determined that such businesses receive, on average, 4 opportunities a day valued at £3,000 using their smartphones.

£12,000 is an awful lot to lose on a daily basis, but the damages don’t stop at smartphones.

A study carried out by OnePoll reports that slow internet connections and IT downtime in the UK could be costing the economy a staggering £11 billion a year.

The research discovered that the average worker is unable to perform their role for up to 44 minutes every week due to IT issues, meaning a loss of 38 hours of productivity a year. Can your business really afford to pay every employee for 38 hours of complete inactivity?

Data loss is also proving to be increasingly costly, and is up by 400% since 2012. Surprisingly, 78% of organisations maintain that they are not confident in their ability to recover after such disruptions.

When it comes to printers, photocopiers and other office machinery, downtime and breakages aren’t just a serious annoyance, they also cost you serious cash in disruption to your business, impact on productivity and associated delays – especially if you’re waiting on repairs from a slow supplier.

If your SMB can’t afford to lose money to temperamental tech – and let’s face it, who really can – it’s important to select a reliable and informed supplier that is always around to ensure quick replacements or repairs.

OfficeXpress provides a huge variety of office machinery and accessories, alongside a multitude of other office products, with exceptional customer service to ensure you’re never losing out. As one of Europe’s largest office products suppliers, offering an average 20% saving on consumables, a huge number of SMBs rely on us to keep their businesses ticking along without fault.

Speak to a representative today about erasing costly technological losses from your business on 0845 890 1995.

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