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Ensuring your Data is Safe and Secure

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The protection and storage of your data is an essential part of any business, whether it’s something basic like attaching a privacy screen to your monitor or as large scale as backing up everything on to tape.

As technology develops, the ways in which we choose to store sensitive data or in fact any data will change year on year. We can of course store data in paper form, which may be ideal for some documents, whereby these can be locked away in filing cabinets. However, if we stored all documents in this manner, this would take up a huge amount of space which most offices don’t have.

Keeping data backed up on the cloud is one alternative solution. Although a safe method of storage, it is also advised to keep a second copy on a storage device such as a portable hard drive, USB drive or storage tape.

When storing data on a device it’s also recommended that you check this data for errors on a regular basis and transfer the data onto newer methods of storage so as not to let them become obsolete.

Keeping data stored in two forms, or on two devices not only gives you peace of mind, but it ensures that your data will be secure as long as you remember to update the device.

Promoting the importance of data protection is also critical within your business. Consider providing a clear set of guidelines on the storage, handling, disposal and sharing of sensitive data. Within this, it needs to include details for both online and offline data, for example using a cross cut shredder to dispose of physical documents or the wiping of data in regards to any data electrical device that you’re planning getting rid of.

By providing guidelines to staff, it will not only help to enforce it within your business, but also give them the power to utilise the knowledge for their own data protection.

Getting rid of I.T equipment that needs to to be destroyed, is simpler than you may think. Recycling old I.T equipment is easy when using a trusted company like OfficeXpress. We can ensure that all your data is permanently destroyed and can provide you with Data Destruction certificates if needed, which can contribute towards your ISO 27001 accreditation.

For more information about this service simply click here or to view our range of shredders click here.

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