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Choosing Paper Fit for the Job

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You may believe that paper is just paper – stick it in the printer and it’ll do the job. Yet depending whether you’re printing marketing material or a presentation, it is always essential that you choose the right kind of printer paper for the job.

With a diverse range of paper available it can be a daunting decision when choosing which type of paper will be right for the job in hand. Glossy photo paper, colour tinted, cheap white or thick, the choice of product available is vast and for the best results you have to feed your printer with the right paper

Before deciding consider the size, finish, brightness and weight of the paper in regards to the project that you’re about to print. Also consider what size you’re wanting the document to be printed on: A5, A4 or A3.

For those general office printing jobs choose a simple multipurpose paper, whilst for colour printing select a paper especially designed for colour printing.

As a general rule however, consider using the ink and printer paper that is recommended by the manufacturers of your printer. If you don’t this could result in lower print resolution, inaccurate colour and a dull finish. The manufacturer of the printer will have tested the combination of both ink and paper to provide the best results possible, ensuring that all three work in synergy together.

Ensuring that you use an acid free or lignin free paper will also ensure image quality and a long life span, preventing ink to fade and paper to deteriorate.

However you choose your paper, ensure that it will provide the best performance for the job.

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