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How to Choose the Right Office Printer [Infographic)

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Office printers. All businesses use them. And yet, few businesses really know how to buy a printer for their particular requirements.

Think that all printers print documents at the same quality? Think that all printers do the same job? Think again. Printers are in fact as complex to buy as computers, and that isn’t helped by how they are sold by retailers, who usually presume you will know what dpi (dots per inch) is or what extra things like NFC (Near Field Communication) are.

To help you choose the right office printer, let’s go back to basics. In our infographic, you will discover everything you need to know about printer technologies, printer speed and prices and much more, so that you can find the best office printer for your needs. We have also provided a few printer recommendations to help get you started.

choose the right office printer infographic

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