The Easy Way to Recycle I.T Equipment

Important note: We no longer offer the facility to recycle old I.T equipment. Recycling computer hardware can be difficult sometimes, but at OfficeXpress we can make things much easier. Our recycling service is simple to use and completely free of charge. Arranging recycling boxes or a collection can be done at the click of a… Read more »

Printer Cartridge Recycling Made Easy

We like to make things as easy as possible for you. So, if you’re stuck for what to do with your old printer cartridges, be it original or compatible, why not recycle them for free with us. We recycle a multitude of printer consumables including empty toners, compatible cartridges, ink cartridges, drums, maintenance kits and… Read more »

Recycling Unwanted I.T Equipment

Getting rid of unwanted electronic equipment can be difficult for a number of reasons, from the poisonous chemicals contained within the I.T equipment, to ensuring any stored data is securely destroyed. At OfficeXpress we offer a free recycling service for a wide range of computer equipment including laser printers, laptops, servers, PCs, telephone systems and… Read more »

Free Toner Recycling with OfficeXpress

We all know how important it is to recycle, so when used toner and ink cartridges become an unsightly mess, cluttering up a corner of the office, many staff become so frustrated with this mess, that they just throw their recycling effort out. At OfficeXpress we offer an easy to use, free recycling service, where… Read more »

How you Can Reduce Office Costs

Are you constantly looking for ways to reduce costs? Or are you shocked at the result of a recent review of your office supplies? At OfficeXpress we offer a free, no obligation spend audit which will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how your office supplies spend is structured. By illustrating what you order… Read more »