Welcome to PrintMate As our name suggests, we want to be your friend when it comes to saving money and saving the planet. We believe we can achieve these goals without having to sacrifice product quality or service. According to several studies and press reports, printer inks are some of the world’s most expensive liquids,… Read more »

Thank you for helping us raise over £11,000 for Leeds Children’s Hospital

OfficeXpress would like to give a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all our customers for using our recycling program as we have had a truly exceptional year of collections. Your contributions have allowed us to make significant donations to our chosen charities, with Leeds Children’s Hospital receiving an incredible £11,421.82 this year alone. Our Sales Director… Read more »

Your recycling raises £5.1k for Leeds Children’s Hospital

Thanks to all our customers who choose to use our recycling process, as we have had another fantastic year of collections. This has resulted in a bumper year of donations for our chosen charities, with Leeds Children’s Hospital receiving £5,194.29. Every one of our chosen charities has been very appreciative and we thank you all… Read more »

Recycling service raises £1402.74 to help Jeans for Genes

Ink and Toner recycling raises £1402.74 for Jeans for Genes  OfficeXpress is pleased to announce that we have raised a donation of £1402.74 on behalf of Jeans for Genes, all thanks to the customers who choose to use our free ink and toner recycling program. Jeans for Genes funds the work of Genetic Disorders UK,… Read more »

OfficeXpress presents BullyingUK with cheque for £3.4K

On Friday 18 November, Christopher Milligan, Marketing Manager of OfficeXpress presented Bullying UK with a cheque for £3.4K in recognition of Anti Bullying Week 2016. Christopher Milligan, OfficeXpress said: “We’ve been supporting Bullying UK for over 5 years and we wanted to show our commitment to tackling bullying in all its forms. We are committed… Read more »