Don’t get fooled by counterfeit ink cartridges

Why choose original HP Ink Cartridges More than 40% of non-HP ink cartridges failed, according to a study by Buyers Laboratory (BLI), with 14% being dead on arrival and 27% expiring prematurely. With Original HP inks, you always get an unused, brand-new cartridge to live up to your expectations.     Scan the code to… Read more »

How to Manage your Inbox

Fed up of your inbox always being full? Do you feel disorganised and find it hard to keep up with emails? Well, emails can easily be managed if you know how. Typically emails can be split into four groups: those that are either spam or irrelevant to your job, so can be deleted straight away… Read more »

Guides: Storage Capacity and File Size

We’ve all heard of kilobytes and gigabytes, but what do they mean? Storage capacity and file sizes can be confusing, but with our simple guide, we’ll be able to help you understand the difference. Both file size and storage can be measured in the same way and are written from lowest to highest below, along… Read more »

How to Plan a Work Christmas Party

With the Christmas season almost upon us, it’s time to get your Christmas party organised…if you haven’t already done so. So, to help out we’ve put together a guide: Plan Ahead For seasonal occasions such as a Christmas party it is important to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. It’s not uncommon for… Read more »

5% Page Coverage Explained

When an ink or toner states 5% page coverage, what does this mean? To gain more of an understanding, it’s best to know what page yield means too. In this case it refers to a measurement tool. It is used to give you an estimate of how many pages you should be able to print… Read more »