Are Pen and Paper Really Timeless?

As electronic tablets, smartphones and notebooks become more essential, will the faithful pen and paper ever fall out of favour? In a time where you can check work emails on the tube before arriving at your desk, or access your documents any time via the cloud, the digital age is well and truly established in… Read more »

The Hazards of Working on the Move

Working on the move might not seem that precarious, however if you consider some particular aspects of working in this manner, it is more dangerous than first assumed. Protecting data isn’t just about shredding sensitive information and it’s not just about ensuring that this information is kept safe at home or in the office. In… Read more »

Choosing Paper Fit for the Job

You may believe that paper is just paper – stick it in the printer and it’ll do the job. Yet depending whether you’re printing marketing material or a presentation, it is always essential that you choose the right kind of printer paper for the job. With a diverse range of paper available it can be… Read more »

How to Purchase Office Supplies

Does your job role involve purchasing office supplies? If it does, then you know more than anyone that you need to be forward thinking and exceed the cost saving goals of the company. Larger long term savings can often be gained by researching the suppliers on the market and when looking for a new supplier… Read more »

Reviewing your Office Environment

The decor and furnishing of your office will typically be the first thing that many clients and employees will see and this will cast that first crucial impression. The manner in which your office is styled needs to reflect the profession and image of your company. For example, a creative’s office could be vibrant and… Read more »