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Why Toner Cartridge Recycling is so Important

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What happens to all of the empty or old toner cartridges, ink cartridges, drums, maintenance kits and fuser units? At OfficeXpress we can help you to help the environment by taking advantage of our free recycling service.

It’s shocking to think that it will take over 1000 years for one toner cartridge to decompose, that’s twelve and a half times the average lifespan of a person.

So what can we do? Currently the recycling of paper, glass and plastic is pretty standard across the UK. However, toner recycling and the like, isn’t being utilised enough, especially as, in many cases it’s free; click here to arrange your free collection with us.

Although 30% of the worlds cartridges are currently recycled it leaves a staggering 350 million to be thrown into landfills. This equates to 70 Olympic sized swimming pools full of oil. When you break that down further, UK specific, we as a nation dispose of 55 million toner and ink cartridges each and every year. What makes this even more worrying is that the total number is set to rise by at least 12% each year, so by the end of 2014 it is estimated that 392 million cartridges will be discarded globally.

Every second 8 printer cartridges are thrown away globally. If just 4 of these were recycled it would help to produce 20 more cartridges whilst using 80% less energy to do so. So at OfficeXpress we make recycling easy by providing a free toner recycling service, where we’ll collect your empty cartridges at a time and place to suit you. What’s more by donating your unwanted and empty ink and toner cartridges you’ll be helping to raise funds for charities such as Leeds Children’s Hospital and Bullying UK.

Just remember each and every cartridge can be refilled and reused 4-6 times before being recycled into a new product, so there’s no reason not to recycle them.

To arrange your free collection, simply click on the link below:

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