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Make Savings with a Free Spend Audit

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As office costs mount and budgets become increasingly tight, looking for ways to reduce costs and save money are key. Improving the way your organisation purchases the goods and services it needs to function may be a big opportunity to do just that.

Our free, no obligation spend audit will provide you with a comprehensive and specific understanding of how your print spend is currently structured. By explaining what you order and how often you do so, we’ll be able to illustrate where you can make huge savings. Furthermore, we will be able to:

  • Analyse your current purchasing activities
  • Suggest hardware changes that could save you money instantly
  • Identify your core products; an area where you could make big savings
  • Advise how to buy more effectively

There are often common and recurring procurement problems that businesses face year in, year out. Take a look at some of our solutions to these problems, below:

Lack of visibility into consumables spend

The transactional nature of running a print fleet probably means you have little or no visibility of the overall cost. We will look at your print fleet, what consumables you order, the quantities involved along with other dimensions and provide you with an itemised cost analysis.

No core items or approved products / prices

Do you order print supplies and stationery on an ad-hoc basis? If so does everyone order the same products and at the same prices?

We can agree and fix pricing on a core list of items, giving you back control of your spend.

High % of purchases made without proper authorisation

With our online shopping facilities, businesses can decide who has access to purchase products and what products they can choose from.

Employees feel that the buying process is difficult and takes too long

Make buying easy for your staff with our intuitive online shop.

Difficulty managing budgets

With our order pad function you can set core product lists, authorised specifically for individuals or departments, allowing you to control and measure areas of spend.

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