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How to Avoid Counterfeit Printer Consumables

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Counterfeit printer consumables are becoming an increasingly common occurrence throughout the UK and it is a challenge that is growing worldwide. Yet, these mustn’t be confused with quality off-brand compatible inkjet and toner cartridges.

Many counterfeit goods are produced with convincing packaging yet lack in quality. These counterfeits are sold to unaware customers often at the full recommended retail price, yet due to this poor print quality can have a detrimental impact on the performance and life of a printer.

When choosing print cartridges it is advisable to buy them through an authorised reseller such as OfficeXpress. That way you’ll know that you will be receiving original branded goods, due to the direct relationships that we have with the brands themselves.

If however, you do buy your cartridges from non approved suppliers, make sure you look out for the following tell tale signs that they are counterfeit:

  • Shoddy packaging
  • Leaking toner or ink
  • Poor quality materials
  • Poor printing performance
  • Abnormally low prices (in some cases)
  • Fake/poor quality or missing brand logos or holograms
  • Difference in the colour and materials used for the packaging

However, If in doubt, check the website for that particular brand. In the case of HP, Canon and Samsung, amongst others, they will have dedicated pages explaining the ways that they safeguard their cartridges and how you can identify an original. This could be for example, the types of holograms they put on their products or QR codes. These brands also have an area on their website in which you can report a suspect cartridge anonymously – helping them to combat counterfeiters.

If you need manufacturer branded toner cartridges you can trust OfficeXpress to deliver genuine branded printer consumables to suit your needs and at a cost that you’ll be happy with.

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