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4 Ways Technology Is Shaping Our Classrooms

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In recent years, technology has successfully conquered yet another frontier ­– the classroom.


With 74% of teachers saying technology motivates their students to learn, and more students than ever enjoying internet at home to easily complete homework set online, it seems that its presence in the classroom will only continue to grow.


Here are 4 ways technology is positively shaping our classrooms:


  1. Tablets are eradicating textbooks

The rise of tablets, particularly those packaged with software specifically for use within schools, have meant that traditional textbooks are declining in popularity. E-book versions are less expensive for the school, accessible by as many students as necessary, and cannot be lost or defaced.

But the benefits are not simply practical: a Californian study showed that students using tablets saw their maths test scores increase 20% in one year compared to students using traditional textbooks.

  1. Interactive touchscreen boards boost learning

Touchscreen boards allow for a completely interactive educational experience. Students are able to present, play informative games, fill in worksheets and watch videos using just one piece of equipment, responsive to both touch and the use of specialist ‘pens’.

Now a staple in many classrooms, the interactive touchscreen has signalled a real change in teaching: it is not enough to simply talk at students any more, but to involve them comprehensively in every stage of the learning process.

  1. Mobile technology extends learning outside the classroom

With apps & software available on tablets and other mobile devices, teachers are not only able to set digital homework for students to complete in their own time, but also take classes to alternative locations to study remotely.

School trips are now more versatile: the student can simply log in using 3G, and access the work set for them right there in the middle of the Science Museum, or the high-ropes activity centre… or anywhere!

  1. Classrooms now easily support multiple methods of learning

It is understood that children learn in different ways and, while some students thrive using the read-write method, many need support from auditory, visual or physical learning methods.

73% of teachers say that these new technologies allow them to adapt to various learning methods, enabling them to cater to specific needs.

The understanding that technology boosts student learning is a real benefit to those needing additional support, with 63% of teachers allowing students to bring their own personal technology into the classroom – a number only expected to grow.

With a huge amount of technology to choose from, and parents & teachers alike coming to the realisation that tech is the way forward for successful learning, it’s likely that classroom technology will become an even more crucial part of the curriculum in the years to come.

If you need support in finding the right technology for your school or college, the experts at OfficeXpress can advise you on the specific pieces of hardware and software that will best meet your students’ needs. Call us today on 0845 890 1995 for impartial advice.

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